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Street Posters Advertising

Street Posters Advertising

Street posters can be a surprisingly effective way to boost a business’ internet marketing efforts. However, most internet marketers don’t consider offline marketing tactics – they tend to focus purely on the online methods, because they’re newer, sexier and “cooler”. Large numbers of would-be entrepreneurs have given up on advertising in disappointment. Internet marketing is a science which means it’s possible to experiment and find out why things are not working.

Not being aware of the reason why a plan fails doesn’t mean the reasons cannot be found – that’s one reason why testing is so important. But here are a couple of key points that can have a significant impact on your advertising efforts.

For you to generate the results you’re after, your prospects must considered individually. If a reader honestly believes your product or service will work as you describe, how will that effect them? We all understand how skeptical most people are about the marketing and advertising they read, online or offline. And the Internet has a reputation for deceptive marketing. That’s where street posters can help, because they offer a more visible, “real world” face to your online brand. Street posters, as simple as they are, can smash through this barrier of suspicion and help your campaign succeed.

Tell the truth in your advertising and avoid hype, and you will probably encourage your prospects to believe you. It doesn’t take a genius to detect a lie or exaggeration in an advertisement, so you should be a straight-shooter in all your copy and marketing messages. Until you’re able to confirm any claims or promises, don’t expect people to believe you! This is especially true with any testimonials you use – be sure you avoid the temptation of using fake testimonials because they will only hurt your reputation.

One challenge you may need to address is whether or not your prospect believes the the product or service can truly work for them. For example, weight loss or self-improvement products require an element of self-belief, so your message in your street posters and your online marketing needs to reflect the fact that “every day people” can achieve the desired results. This may require some research and focus, but the results will be worth the effort.

Your marketing message – whether it’s on a Facebook ad or on street posters – ought to instill confidence in your viewers. They need to believe they can trust you and your marketing message – without this trust, your message will fall on deaf ears.

So don’t rule out offline marketing strategies like street posters advertising when you’re setting up your next big campaign.